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Monthly Archive: April 2018

Must Have List for Duck Hunters

The sport of duck hunting has gained more popularity in recent years. Those that are interested in taking up the sport should know the type of gear that they will need to get started. It is important to have the proper equipment and understand how to use it to enjoy the outdoor pastime. Here are the must-haves according to the experts, as one prepares to start.


A hunter usually has to work their way through some swampy areas. Due to this, a set of chest waders is needed to stay dry, even when sitting down.


There are many options out there when it comes to duck decoys. Either way, it is ideal to purchase a minimum of a dozen to increase the rate of success.

Guns and Shells

This is a big question for many new duck hunters. When in doubt a 12-gauge shotgun with 3-inch magnum shells …

Basic Methods for Treating Your Skin Better

There are many complicated nuances to caring for skin. For women or men that are looking to improve the quality of their skin, it’s easy to get quite confused about the different options. Which ones work and which ones don’t? When is a price tag for skincare product more expensive than it should be? The list of questions go on and on, but the simple fact is that on a basic level, skin care is about two things, hydration and cleansing.

Hydration and Cleansing

Hydration and cleansing can cause a host of different issues when not done correctly. Even in situations that aren’t directly related to a lack of hydration or dirty skin, paying close attention to how moisturized and hydrated a person’s skin is and how deeply cleansed the skin is on a regular basis can make certain problems less of a focal point.

Properly Moisturizing the Skin

Often …